Programmable Buttons

Apart from the Reset, Force Recovery and Power on buttons, Apollo also features two user programmable inputs, one of the buttons by default is set to "One-Key Recovery", enabling you to easily reflash or restore Apollo to its default. The second button is not configured to let you add your own application.

One-Key Recovery#

Unlike other Jetson development kits which require a host Ubuntu machine to upgrade the device firmware, Apollo features a one-touch recovery mode which performs the upgrade through a Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) mechanism, similar to how your mobile phone updates itself.

At startup, Apollo automatically checks whether a new firmware update is available. If there is, the user is prompted on the OLED display to confirm if they wish to upgrade Apollo to this new release, or to skip the update. If it is confirmed, Apollo automatically downloads and applies the upgrade, and the user is prompted to reboot the Apollo board once completed. Users can also disable this update checking procedure for a period of 30 days or re-enable it at any point of time by running the relevant scripts, as described in the README file located in /etc/apollo/services/onetouch/

One-Key Recovery offers a simpler way to keep their Apollo kit up to date with the latest firmware. Comparing with other jetson kits:

Comparing Other Kits