Apollo Engineering Kit

Discover, develop, and deploy conversational, vision, and audio AI applications. The Apollo Engineering Kit is ready to be the all-in-one solution for all of your embedded AI needs.

With an abundance of image-based data readily available, Apollo comes ready to help you in taking the next step by augmenting your image data with audio data and subsequent conversational analytics to improve your insights, efficiency, and processes. Whether it’s a tool to automate transcription, minute taking and summarisation for meetings, perform abnormal sound classification and speaker verification to elevate your security system, analyze incoming textual data, or even to generate conversation and music - Apollo has all the necessary hardware and software to rise to the occasion.


  • Multifaceted software capabilities: Using Jetpack, Apollo is capable of running NVIDIA’s Deepstream, and newly released RIVA.
  • Perfect for all coding levels: Use ready-to-use demos or create your own custom applications from scratch.
  • Real-time information gathering: Harness the combined software and hardware to obtain multimodal data in real-time.
  • No AI is off-limits: Use Apollo’s hardware to deploy AI models from any framework and optimize them for your cause.
  • Reduced development time: Take advantage of SmartCow's readily available resources to speed up your workflow.

Get Started#

All tools and software to get you started are already included in the engineering kit as part of the Apollo SDK. When new examples and applications are added, simply update the SDK through apt to pull the changes to your engineering kit.